If you think you love Aquaman, wait until you hear about this.

Danny Sheehan is a seven-year-old boy from Marshfield, Massachusetts. In January of 2017, he was diagnosed with pineoblastoma, and rare and aggressive brain cancer, and Leptomeningeal disease, which is a cancer of the cerebral spinal fluid. He is a huge Aquaman fan, made apparent by his reaction to getting an Aquaman action figure as a gift from photographer Corey Taylor. Taylor gifted a holiday photoshoot to Danny and his family, but what they weren’t expecting was gifts. Danny’s reaction was caught on camera:

There’s even more: Danny got to FaceTime with Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa. On Instagram, Momoa thanked the people who helped him get in touch with Danny. He showed his gratitude to everyone online who spread the word about Danny, giving Momoa the opportunity to virtually meet him. Momoa also linked Danny’s GoFundMe page on his Instagram page and even asked Warner Brothers if they could try and get him an Aquaman trident.

Danny’s family is committed to making every moment count. Last summer, Danny was sworn in as an honorary Marshfield Police officer. The Marshfield Board of Selectman has even declared the first week of November to be “Danny Week.” This declaration was made to encourage everyone to embody Danny’s spirit and courage in their everyday lives.

“Every day has to count," Danny's mom, Natalie, told CBS Boston. "Every day is special because there’s going to come a day when he’s not going to be here with us. I want to be able to look back and know that, not only did he impact our lives, but he impacted the lives of others."

Danny’s GoFundMe has already raised over $114,000, well past its $75,000 goal. Danny’s family also shares his journey on Facebook through the page titled “4TheLoveofDanny.”

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