If you live in the state of New Hampshire, you are surrounded.

In the Granite State, marijuana is still illegal, but Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont have all passed laws allowing the sale and possession of cannabis (1 ounce in Mass and Vermont, 2.5 ounces in Maine), including full recreational and medicinal dispensaries.

Since Massachusetts legalized the sale of marijuana through dispensaries in 2018, there have been 168 retailers that have open their doors, with another 205 applications in the pipeline for approval.

It seems everywhere we go, there's a "pot shop" nearby, and sometimes three or four are in the same town.  Approval is mandated by each town.  There are some communities in Massachusetts that have banned cannabis sales, but more have welcomed the business.

And it is big business, with the Massachusetts Control Commission stating the state has surpassed over $2 billion in sales.

Everyone has their own opinion about which dispensary is the best, but one thing's for sure:  a catchy name grabs your attention, and Massachusetts dispensary owners have come up with some very clever titles for the retail stores.

buzzed buds via unsplash.com
buzzed buds via unsplash.com

We've procured a list of the 26 most creative names of cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts based on cleverness and imaginativeness.  Hey, retail cannabis workers are called "budtenders", which is kind of funny.

See if you agree with the list and check to see if your local dispensary is there. Does the name make you chuckle and say "how did they come up with that"?  Then it is likely on this particular list.

If you want to find the best rated Massachusetts retail outlets, that's a whole different topic.  Let's look at what we call the best dispensary names in reverse order.

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