Avril Lavigne recently played a show in Brazil where she held a meet and greet afterwards.

This wasn't your typical meet and greet though, where you get to shake hands, exchange words, maybe even hug the artist or get an autographed photo of them. Nope, this was a meet and greet that came at a cost of $400 per person (!!!) and you didn't get any of those things I mentioned above!

Fans of Avril Lavigne wanting to meet her, could only do so if they forked over $400, which by the way, did NOT include the cost of the ticket...this was in addition to the ticket. They also were not allowed to touch her or hug her, and were instructed by her "people" to stand an arm's length away. All for $400 dollars!

There's an example of the awkwardness that ensued when these photos were taken, and you can see it for yourself at gawker.com.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't pay $400 to meet anyone, and if I did, you bet your behind I'm at least getting a hug or a handshake! Geez!

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