The past 17 years has been far and away the best time to be alive if you love Boston sports.

When I started really getting into sports, I knew Boston as the lovable losers. I had never even sniffed a Boston championship. I was raised knowing the Red Sox were cursed, the Patriots were trash, the Bruins wouldn't win and I missed the best days of the Celtics. I had zero expectations when it came to titles. I just loved my teams and hoped they'd have a good season every year.

As I sit here today, it blows my mind to even think that was my mindset at one point. In this window, I've now seen the Patriots win five Super Bowls. I've seen the Red Sox reverse the curse in the most dramatic fashion. They've won three World Series titles, and are on their way to potentially winning a fourth. The Celtics won the NBA Finals. The Bruins secured the Cup and the Patriots have been the perfect picture of dominance.

I've spent a lifetime listening to what I missed with regard to the glory days of Boston. I hate to break it to everyone, but these are the glory days. There is no doubt about it, either.

I don't want to bog you down with statistics and numbers and how many trips to the Finals there have been, or how many trips to the final four. Just understand that it's a lot. Unlike any other city or time period in sports history.

It's almost strange to live in an era knowing that, some day, I'll be telling my son or daughter about when Boston ruled sports.


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