Don’t ‘Break Ya Neck’ looking for the answer...

A 1600 square foot island in Massachusetts has been making the internet go crazy recently.  Twitter users scratched their head as one of the trending topics nationally was “Busta Rhymes Island”.

Located in Shrewsbury, MA, this small piece of land is in fact named after hip hop performer Busta Rhymes. Although this island named after former Kanye West collaborator is making headlines in 2018, this island was actually named almost 10 years ago. Kevin O’Brien, a Shrewsbury native, would spend many days and nights on this island with his friends, "hanging out" (we assume they’d be ‘Passing the Courvoisier’).

Long story short, he fell in love with the island so much he cleaned it up and bit, planted some fruit bushes, and went before his town officials with the intent of naming the island. Unfortunately by law, a piece of land cannot be named after a person until they’ve passed away for 5 years. Although the name of the island is unofficial, it still is a great place for you to hang out with friends and try to rap that really fast part from Chris Brown’s ‘Look at Me Now’.

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