The SouthCoast and Cape Cod have plenty of gems when it comes to beaches, but this one hasn't been accessible to us for over three centuries.

With a summer unlike any other, more beach options are a good thing. No one wants to go to a crowded beach right now. That's what makes it even more exciting that the Sipson Island Trust opened its beaches to the public this past weekend.

It was originally discovered by English colonists in 1711 and has been private property ever since.

While the Trust is excited to be able to open the island to the public, it also wants to continue to preserve it. It was made clear that the Trust doesn't want a ton of traffic to come to the area but still wants people to come and enjoy this special place.

Sipson Island Trust via Facebook
Sipson Island Trust via Facebook

It's the geographical center of one of Cape Cod's scenic and important embayments, with lots of sandy beaches, a salt marsh and even eelgrass beds.

If you plan to visit, there are some rules you must follow. 

I did get to catch up with Tasia Blough, President of the Sipson Islan Trust. I had two important questions that she was happy to answer.

What made the Trust decide to make the beach public now?
Sipson Island Trust closed on the purchase of the island on June 11th (very recently) after two years in the making (raising the money, founding the trust, writing a land management plan, and negotiating the acquisition agreement). The closing (originally scheduled for December) was pushed back multiple times! We were only able to achieve the accomplishment of raising the funds and purchasing the island for preservation and public access thanks to the generous donations of over 700 community members and the help and donations of over half a dozen nonprofits. Sipson Island Trust and our nonprofit partners felt that the community deserved to have access to the island as soon as possible after the closing. Especially given the need for outdoor open space during this pandemic, and the opportunity for community members who have been working so hard towards this accomplishment for so long to enjoy some respite from the busy Cape Cod summer season by having access to this beautiful island (which can only be accessed at this time by private boat).
What will the hours that the private beach will be open daily to the public?
The island will be open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week.
This may have to be added to the list of must-visits before the end of the summer.

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