Needless to say, it's been a long, hard 2020 so far for SouthCoast restaurants. For obvious reasons, they have been up against it, but one of the silver linings is that they have had some unexpected time to give their establishments a facelift. Early on in the quarantine, improvements to both the dining rooms and the behind-the-scenes operations were widespread on the local restaurant scene.

Once it became apparent, though, that outdoor dining was going to be critical to these businesses' survival during the pandemic, the race was on to improve their outdoor spaces.

Tipsy Toboggan via Facebook

While couples were scrambling to reschedule their wedding contracts with tent companies, a surge in demand for those tents was brewing. Tent companies shrugged off the wedding cancellations by focusing on the incredible demand for tented restaurant dining.

Now, an unprecedented number of SouthCoast restaurants have al fresco dining options, and people are really enjoying it.

I don't mean to sound corny, but I can't express the level of happiness that it brings me to drive around the SouthCoast and see all of these different restaurants scrapping to make it happen.

When I see a restaurant with the carefully-placed outdoor tables, the tents, and the bistro lighting, it brings a feeling of positivity and progress to the area.

The Pasta House via Facebook

Granted, one major factor has been the incredible stretch of weather we've had over the past few weeks, but the outdoor dining has ushered in a much-needed festive atmosphere to the SouthCoast.

It's one that I'm hoping won't go away anytime soon.

Your Complete Guide to Outdoor Dining on the SouthCoast in 2020

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