There are a lot of female rappers out there right now, so what makes Saweetie different and special? She is a 26-year-old from California that released her first album back in 2018. She has been making waves since age 14.

Like most artists, Saweetie really got noticed by covering some of her favorite female rappers.

In this song, you may hear a familiar beat but can't figure out what song it is from. Well, that would be Petey Pablo's "Freak-A-Leak." The dance moves I would pull on the dance floor to that song were definitely not appropriate.

In case you didn't catch the song on the air, here is the music video:
She has over 27 million views on this video, and if you follow on her on social media you know she is all about the bling, living her best life with expensive cars and very extravagant outfits.

As far as dating, she has been in a relationship with rapper Quavo. However, she has awesome advice for those in the dating scene: "Girl, don't date guys that look better than you and be very careful with guys who take mirror pictures." Her experience with those types of men is summed up in one word: conceited.

I'm not sure about "Miss Icy's" relationship advice but I will absolutely hit her up about fashion advice.

Now we need to know, should we add Saweetie to the Fun 107 playlist or is this song totally whack and we should never play it again? I will say this song makes me want to turn up on "Freak-A-Leak" now.

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