Justin Bieber is said to be interested in moving to the East Coast, but just how close could he end up to the Southcoast? Maybe closer than you think.

The Canadian singer is said to be seriously thinking about relocating to the East Coast and says Providence is the city he's eyeing.

Oreillypost.com writes that in a recent interview with a magazine, Bieber told the reporter that he wanted

to get away from the paparazzi and the drama in LA"


I think that having a place near Providence would be a great way to get away from all of that.”

Bieber's publicist told the website that Justin had traveled through our area on a road trip recently and apparently fell in love with "Providence and its New England charm." He reportedly has been telling everyone since the trip that he wants to live in Providence saying it

feels so different than what I’ve been used to the last several years of my life."

No word on when this move might happen or where he'll actually end up settling if he does relocate to the East Coast, but with his Purpose Tour underway right now I don't think he'll have time to house hunt anytime soon.

So would you want to see Justin Bieber living in Providence?

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