The holidays bring out the joy in a lot of people and they help end the year on a joyful note. Thanks to the pandemic, however, the holidays this year may look a lot different.

I propose Christmas decorations should go up the day after Halloween so we can keep spirits high for a few extra weeks.

To be honest, this goes against my usual rules. On any other year, you would not catch me lugging up the box of holiday decorations from the basement until after Thanksgiving, but this year calls for certain rules to be broken.

Back in March, there were many houses in my neighborhood that decided to throw up their Christmas lights to spread a little joy in a dark time, and I say we keep that trend going.

I am okay with the fact that the holiday aisle in some stores is already overflowing with Santa Claus and snowmen. It warms my heart and brings back memories of holidays prior, and I feel like that warm feeling will help everyone to stay positive during this rollercoaster of a year.

There is no denying the allure and wonder that holiday lights and decorations bring. Pair them with a snowfall and you have yourself a merry little day.

All I’m saying here is that I am looking to spread cheer wherever I can, and I think I’ll do that by unpacking the holiday lights and trimmings a few weeks earlier than usual. But I’ll probably wait on the tree. When you have two cats, a tree is far from joyful.

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