Sometimes Facebook shows me some great suggestions, other times, I get ads for $2,500 pieces of art that I will never ever buy.

But the South Shore Sights and Lights BYOB Holiday Trolley Tour ad popped on my Facebook newsfeed recently, and this is something I just might have to check out. Who says holiday light tours are just for families?

It's adults-only, which means you have to be 21 or older to take part.

Of course, they promised holiday light displays, but they also gave they say there will also be music, sing-a-longs and making new friends. Is that not 100 percent what Christmas is all about?

You will start your tour at Wollaston Station, located at 53 Woodbine Street in Quincy. It’s $49 per person, it comes with a souvenir, and you can bring a flask if you’re into that kind of thing. They’re also observing all COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, too, so make sure you also bring your mask.

I feel like your Christmas adventures have been saved, as this is finally something you can do with other people during a pandemic – and imagine, getting to see holiday lights sans kids. The best part is the trolley has a 20-person capacity per tour, so you can bring your friends along as well and make a real night of it.

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