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To the People Who Decorate Their Homes for Seasons and Holidays,

You are the real MVP.

No one asked you to go above and beyond to spread some seasonal cheer, but you do so willingly, and it brings a smile to my face.

With the arrival of the fall season and Halloween approaching, decorations are appearing on lawns and windowsills – autumn wreaths, skeletons popping up out of the ground, inflatable pumpkins, and everything in between. And when Christmastime rolls around, lights will be adorning your house alongside inflatable Santa Clauses.

When I was growing up, my family and I would hop in the car and travel to the neighborhoods that were lit up like Christmas trees, just to enjoy the magic of it. There was a street called Christmas Tree Lane because every Christmas display was the most magical sight.

I appreciate the effort you put in because it has gotten me into the spirit each and every year. This year, we are kicking off fall with pretty warm weather. Can someone tell Mother Nature I’m trying to wear sweaters and sip on hot apple cider? Seeing decorations on your lawn helps me get pumped up for all things scary, so thank you. Check out my neighbor’s crazy display in the photo above.

It felt good to decorate my own home yesterday, and I hope to be the house that brings neighborhood children joy when they travel along my street.


A Lover of the Holiday Season

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