Watching a loved one suffer from cancer is an extremely painful experience but having good friends by your side can help ease the burden of that pain, if only by a little.

In 2018, Lisa Carreiro of Acushnet was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. By September of 2019, she entered remission, and things were looking up for her and her husband Frank. On February 13 of this year, just one day before her birthday, she was told by her doctor that the cancer had made an aggressive comeback.

“After five more rounds of chemotherapy, she was told that there was nothing else that they could do,” Frank explained. At the age of 52, she only has a few months left to live.

While Lisa and Frank try to enjoy the time they have left together, Lisa expressed one last wish: she just wants to experience one last Christmas.

Lisa worked at Normandin Middle School and was extremely close with her coworkers. Her coworkers were devastated by the news, and when they heard that Lisa wanted one more Christmas, they sprang into action.

“Her coworkers came by yesterday and said, ‘Can we put a couple Christmas things in your front yard?’ I said yeah, she’ll love it," Frank said. He figured they were going to put a couple lights up, but he didn’t realize how far they would go.

Courtesy Frank Carreiro
Courtesy Frank Carreiro

Lisa was surprised with a beautiful display of Christmas lights and decorations by her loving friends.

“Lisa was flabbergasted,” Frank said. “She was just amazed at how she has friends, with the hectic schedule they have, they all came and took the time to do that.” As far as Frank, he couldn’t hold back his emotions when he saw how happy Lisa was.

“I’m a macho guy but I couldn’t hold back the tears," he said.

Hard times have fallen on the Carreiros, but they have been blessed with some truly incredible friends.

Frank is adamant that “we are not asking for money, but she loves Christmas cards.”

Please send Christmas cards or cards of encouragement to Lisa Carreiro to show her love and support in her final days.

Please mail your cards to 34 Lisa Ave., Acushnet, MA 02743

In times of struggle, compassion and support from others go such a long way.

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