We've all seen this and maybe some of us actually do it: wearing PJ's and sometimes slippers or even just socks to drive the kids to school or the bus stop. Is this ok?

So I'm going to be completely honest, I have definitely done this—but in my defense, I've never gotten out of the car. My son's school is a drop-off and he just hops out of the car real quick. If I had to actually walk him into the school, I would NEVER be wearing pajamas or anything revealing for that matter.

In fact, I've stopped wearing my slippers and straight up PJ's (yoga pants and T's are NOT pajamas) for fear that my car would break down, or worse, a car accident. Then I would be forced to get out of my car in public wearing slippers or socks and just pajamas. I'd die.

There are towns in the U.S. that are starting to make it mandatory that parents dress appropriately when they bring or pick up their kids from school. I came across this article on the Today Show website about how in Memphis, Tennessee things were getting so out of hand that lawmakers are hoping for a new school dress code for the parents, not the kids.

Tell us what you think?

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