The social media site is thinking about taking likes off the table, would that make you re-think using it?

In a recent interview with CBS This Morning, the head of Instagram talked about making changes to the like button on their site.

Adam Mosseri said he wants to ensure that people are having an "enjoyable experience" with Instagram and sometimes focusing too much on likes can take away from that.

So they are going to experiment with hiding likes on photos that aren't yours.

According to Mosseri, who spoke at length about Instagram with Gayle King, likes can make Instagram "tense" and "pressurized" and the thought behind privatizing likes is to lessen that.

So you can still like a photo, you just can't compare your likes with other people's likes.

Which honestly, I really like.

I'm sure Mosseri is aware of the number of studies linking social media sites with teenage anxiety and depression numbers and it sounds like he's trying to do something about that.

Good for him.

Keeping the comparison game out of the site sounds like a win to me. How about other parents?

I'm sure the teenagers themselves aren't going to be thrilled and it could ultimately affect the sites number of users, so we'll see how these changes actually go.

Learn more about what Mosseri says about the plan from this segment of the interview.

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