iPhone users are being encouraged to try a potentially dangerous Siri prank through social media...but the police do not find it funny.

You may have seen the "Siri 108" prank pop up in your feed recently, but police nationwide are saying DON'T try it.

The prank involves asking Siri about the number 108, which is the 9-1-1 code of India.

When you ask Siri about this number, it then dials your local 9-1-1 dispatcher...and ties up those emergency lines for people who may really need them.

The prank has become so widespread in some areas that the 9-1-1 lines become tied up with prank calls for hours.

9-1-1 is an emergency number because it is for emergencies! Prank calling it is not funny...ever. And it can be dangerous and even deadly for others.

So if you see this so-called "prank" pop up in your feed, ignore it! You could literally be saving a life.

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