The Soares Family has a saying: "Inner Bay, we do things your way!"

If there's an item on the menu you want a little different or cooked in a sauce that's offered with another dish, "No problem!" owner Tony Soares will often say.

It's becoming somewhat of a tradition here at the station for visits from Tony and his delicious food from the Inner Bay Café. This time, he was accompanied by his wife Judy and their daughter Simone (a big fan of Fun 107 and the Rock and Fox Show) and of course some of his amazing dishes. It's always something different, but it's always rewarding.

Here's what was on the menu today:


Littlenecks Portuguese Style: chourico, peppers, onions, tomatoes, in a white wine/tomato based sauce with olive oil, hot sauce and a dash of salt and pepper.


Liver and Onions Portuguese Style: liver, onions, peppers and a white wine (vino blanco) sauce.


Codfish Spanish Style: cod mixed with peppers, onions, Azeite olive oil (the good brand), topped with boiled eggs, baked potatoes and parsley.

Lastly, there's his famous dessert...

Fatias Douradas: fried French toast


These are not only outstanding, they are BETTER than malasadas! They're not only warm, soft and light, they're covered in cinnamon and sugar, delicious with every bite.

Today's Wine Pairing: Down Full Body Quinta Do Vale (rich red), good pairing with liver and onions and cod.

Christine Fox and I got to sit down with Tony and his family for a one-on-one interview:

If all this sounds good, which trust me, it was, here's how you can try it for yourself for half the price. Be sure to sign onto this Friday morning at 9 a.m. sharp for your chance to scoop up a $50 Inner Bay Café & Grille gift card for only $25.

As a bonus, on July 26, Tony and his family will be hosting the "Flavors of the World" event at Inner Bay Café, which brings in food and wines from all over the world. Tickets are limited (90 tickets) at $30 for a two-hour feast from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Each ticket allows you to drink all the wine and eat all the food you'd like, and then the music party will begin at 9:30.

***Please keep in mind that Inner Bay Cafe will be closed on July 1 and re-open on July 17. The Soares Family thanks you all for 22 years in business. All Seize The Deals will be extended an extra two weeks to make up for any inconvenience.***