This has been an ongoing problem for me for a while now.  I can never get the latest iPhone updates because I never have enough space on my iPhone to download them!

I go through the process of deleting photos and videos that I don't need anymore or don't mind parting with.  I'll go through my apps, which I don't even have a lot to begin with, and delete the ones that I either don't use, or feel like I can just add back later, and it won't be a great loss.  Then I go back and check the storage...nope, still not enough...until now!

I actually skipped the last update for the reasons I explained above, but now there's a new one out and you don't need a lot of storage to download it!  Hooray!  The new update is iOS 8.1.3 and it only requires 1.8 GB of storage to be available to download it.  When I went to download it, I only had 1.2 GB of storage available, but after I deleted about 4 videos, twenty photos and 5 or so apps, I was at the required 1.8 GB and ready to download the new update!

It's downloading as I'm writing this and I'm so pumped...finally, I'll have the latest version of iPhone and I didn't have to delete all of my cat photos!

So if you are like me, and avoid downloading the latest updates because you just don't have the space and don't want to buy more, try this one, it's a lot easier than updates in the past.