Netflix has ordered another series that makes the pre-teen me so happy it hurts.

First it was the Gilmore Girls 4-part series, then it was the reboot of Full House and now Netflix has once again read my twelve-year-old mind and made my dreams come true.

The Babysitters Club is becoming a live action, limited series on the streaming channel and I can't wait.

Kristy, Mallory, Claudia...the whole crew, as real people, for 10 whole episodes!

I'm pretty sure I read every single one of these books when I was younger, so I truly can't wait to binge this series when it premieres.

The details are still slim-to-none with no actors attached to the project as of yet and no premiere date in sight, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for this one.

The show is said to be coming together with Glow and Supergirl alum Rachel Shukert as showrunner and Broad City's Lucia Aniello as director.

I certainly hope that they don't try to modernize this book series too much. Glow and Broad City don't seem anything like Babysitters Club and I would really like to see this show done with the wholesome, family vibe it deserves.

We'll all have to wait and see where things go.

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