For as long as I can remember, I've been saying that the best crackers in the world are the ones that are served while you're waiting for your meal at the 99 Restaurant. I've been obsessed with finding a way to buy them, and I think I've finally struck gold.

I've been talking about this on the air for years. I absolutely love the 99 Restaurant's wheat crackers. A lot of people think they are Wheat Thins. Let me be clear: they are NOT Wheat Thins.

I've asked management at the 99 Restaurant, and they've told me for years that the crackers are made by Sunshine. I've looked and looked in Market Basket, Shaw's and Stop & Shop, to no avail.

The topic came up again this morning as Gazelle was preparing to serve his "jail time"  tonight at a Jimmy Fund Fundraiser at the 99 in Fall River. Gazelle promised to find out about these crackers for me, and about the Dean Ice Cream Sandwiches that are served with the 99 kids' meals for Christine.

Incredibly, I BELIEVE that I have found the crackers I've been searching for forever. They are sold at a place I should have checked years ago.

I found this box on These Sunshine "Wheat Wafers" are served in a "Food Service Pack" that looks like it could be sold wholesale to a place like the 99 Restaurant.

I'll put in an order and will report my findings back to you. I'm gonna go slap down $30 for six boxes of wheat wafers right now.

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