It was a David Vs. Goliath ending at the 99 Restaurant in Fairhaven as Gazelle was defeated in the Stein Hoist Competition by 3 whole minutes!

A local from Acushnet, Kevin Sweet, set the bar high as he finished holding his 40 oz. of water without spilling or drooping for a whopping 6 minutes and 11 seconds long!

Six men started and slowly one by one, after the 3 minute mark, we were dropping like flies... me of course being the biggest guy there fell flat of a weak 5th place. Intimidation helped with nothing this time around. The rules were street and if you spill any water, you're automatically disqualified.... That being the case here.

As the men finished their round of hoisting, the women took the stand and Darlene Silva took home the Gold with a total first place time of 3 minutes and 21 seconds!

Both Kevin and Darlene were given their Stein as a reward as well as a $25 gift card to the 99 Restaurant! As for me.... Well... I got to take home an awesome Samuel Adams Fedora! Hey, if it's free... it's for me!


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