This isn't anything new, but it's something I've finally noticed and encountered over the past month.

The demand for cash is fading and businesses are leaning more toward a card-only approach. Ever since the pandemic, money usage has gone south for cleanliness reasons and it looks like cash is going extinct.

While camping in Plymouth at Myles Standish State Forest over the weekend, I paid for everything online with my debit card. After setting up my tent, I drove to the campground headquarters to buy a few bundles of wood and was told that they only take cards. To me, it makes sense to avoid cash by all means when you're stationed in the middle of the woods. It's a security measure that was well thought out.

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Next, I found myself face to face with a card-only sign in Newport, Rhode Island. I was DJing a wedding at The Bohlin, and when I went to pay for parking, I was informed that they'd been card-only for quite some time.

Go figure. I never carried cash in the past, but now I do. You never know when you're going to need to use cash over a card.

It's not the worst transition in the world, but a debit or credit card can become dangerous when you don't physically have cash in your hand to see what you have left.

The future of currency is here and there's no looking back.

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