Ever get that strange sensation in the air that something is coming?

It seems as though an uptick in COVID-19 cases has left a gloomy vibe here on the SouthCoast and fears of going back into hiding are lingering about.

Ironically, I was able to keep up with my personal fitness throughout the quarantine better than I expected, but it wasn't easy. All it takes is for one gym to shut down and the rest will follow. Backyard workouts can only go so far.

We all saw an increase in alcohol sales between March and June; I mean, in all honesty, there was not much to do. Bars were shut down and social life came to an abrupt halt. So now I ask the question: how much longer can we put up with the "unknown" before our mental health cracks?

It took me weeks to get back on track and I was starting to get my groove back. Now, I sense that closures are lurking around the corners of the SouthCoast and beyond. Boredom is a real thing and if you don't keep yourself occupied, there's a high chance of losing yourself within the cushions of the couch. I know because it happened to me.

These days, raking leaves has kept me going, but eventually, it's going to get old and doesn't fulfill a workout from the gym. I only hope that a solution comes down the wire soon before it starts messing with routines and our overall health.

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