Scroll through all your social media and you will without a doubt come across someone who is taking part in the supposed increased gravity broom trick. Is this a real thing, though?

Now I believe it's possible this is being done, I have seen videos that show it. However, is it because of the increased gravity or just circumstance on how you stick the broom?

The supposed theory behind why all these brooms are standing up is due to a planetary alignment that's causing an increase in gravitational pull.

While I want to believe this is some cool astronomy thing, unfortunately, it has nothing to do with gravitational forces or with the Earth's axis. The truth, however, does have to do with physics. Something I definitely didn't get good grades on when I was in school.

To put it simply, if you were successful in getting your broom to stay upright, you are simply using the stiffness of the bristles to create a platform stable enough for the broom to balance on. In case you need the physics lesson on this, CNN explains it pretty well in this video:

I still think it's a pretty cool trick that we can do and post all over social media. I won't be wasting my time with this, however, mostly because if I take out the broom I'm going to feel like I need to clean the entire house.

If you have done it and were successful, show us your picture. Maybe I can be convinced otherwise.

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