One of my favorite snacks is being recalled nationwide. It's time to check your hummus.

I was literally eating hummus when I came across this recall, so I had to immediately check my packaging and then share the news.

Luckily, the brand I was snacking on was not a part of this new nationwide recall from Pita Pal Foods.

The recall says a wide variety of brands and flavors are involved in this recall however, like 7-Select, Schnucks, Reasor's, Pita Pal, Lantana, Bucee's, Fresh Thyme and more.

And every one of the nearly 90 varieties of hummus (yes, 90!) are potentially carrying Listeria monocytogenes.

As you likely know by now, with so many foods becoming potentially contaminated with this organism these days, Listeria can cause serious, sometimes fatal illness and is especially dangerous for the elderly and very young.

You can check the full list of affected hummus on the FDA website.

This might be a good time to try making my own hummus again. I gave it a try about a decade ago with some pretty good results, but laziness brought me right back to store-bought.

A few simple ingredients in the food processor, though, and I could be a lot less weary when snacking.

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