Many Americans have been waiting weeks for today, particularly if they have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Check your bank accounts; the nation's stimulus money has started to appear in accounts this morning. If your last tax refund was a direct deposit, that is the account where you'll find the stimulus money.

Gazelle checked his account this morning and was psyched to see his money. I checked out my account and was pleasantly surprised to see some extra money sitting in there this morning. It was labeled as a credit from "IRS Treasury Tax Refund."

If you are among the nearly 17 million Americans that have lost their jobs, the money couldn't come soon enough. Ten percent of America's workforce has lost their jobs because of the mandatory business shutdowns that are happening nationwide.

I can't tell you the level of gratitude I have to still have the ability to work. There hasn't been a day that goes by during this crisis that I haven't thought about how lucky I've been to be able to continue to perform.

I feel like it is important to try to spend the extra money locally, when it is possible, so my plans are to use my stimulus money to finally buy new counters for the kitchen we have spent the past year renovating. We will be sure to use a locally-owned company to do the work.

If you don't see your stimulus money in your bank account this week, don't panic. If you didn't get a direct deposit for your last tax refund, the government may be sending you a paper check. Delivery of the paper checks are expected to be significantly slower than the direct deposits, but they will eventually arrive.

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