You won't need a telescope to see some pretty cool stuff in the skies this month.

I love nerdy, spacey stuff and there is plenty of it this month according to NASA.

All June long Jupiter will be its biggest and brightest. You can find it in the night sky rising at dusk and remaining visible to the naked eye all night long.

And if you get those binoculars out, you can even see some of its 70 moons.

This coming Monday, June 10, will be the best time of the entire year to see this gassy planet. Scientists say four of Jupiter's moons will be visible with binoculars or a small telescope on that night too.

And if that's not enough cool, spacey stuff for you, on June 17 and 18 there are a couple more planets you can peep.

Mars and Mercury are going to be super close together those two nights, giving you the chance to see two planets at once.

NASA says this will only happen just after sunset on those two mid-month days and both planets will appear pretty close to the horizon.

June 17 is also the night of the full moon this month, though I don't know if that would help or hurt your planet-seeing abilities.

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