Watch video of us showing you how to listen to Fun 107 on your Alexa.

You can now catch Fun 107 on Alexa. Whether you have an Alexa at home or at the office, you can now listen to Fun 107 anywhere you like on your device. There are a few simple steps that need to be followed to set up our Alexa. This only needs to be done one time. After setting up your Alexa, it will automatically play Fun 107 when you say, "Alexa, play Fun 107."

  1.  Download the Alexa app on your mobile device. Downloading the app gives you a plethora of options as to what you can do on the Alexa.
  2. Go on over to the "skills tab" in the app. Here is where you can add, enable, and disable various features and content on Alexa.
  3. Click in the search bar and type in your favorite station, Fun107.
  4. Then say, "Alexa, play Fun 107"

You're all set! All it takes is about 60 seconds of your time to set it up and then you aren't limited to listening on your phone or in the car.

Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza


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