If you're attending the Fun 107 Bridal Show this Sunday, there's going to be a lot of vendors from a variety of businesses there to help you on your way to the big day.

But how can you best maneuver the event to make sure you get everything you need out of it?

These helpful bridal show hints may help.

  • Pixland

    Research the show

    We've let you know who is coming to our show, so you can check them out a bit beforehand. Know what things you still need to plan for your big day and which of the vendors at our event you most want to talk to. That'll cut down on wandering time when you arrive and allow you to get down to business.

  • saffetucuncu

    Have a list of questions

    Once you've check #1 off your list and you know who you want to talk to, also make sure you know what you want to talk to them about. What things are you looking for? What are your must-haves? Write down some questions and ideas to ensure the vendors you talk to have everything you want and need.

  • Yulia Doroshenko
    Yulia Doroshenko

    Find out when the fashion show is first

    Don't forget to find out when the fashion show is! You don't to be caught up with a vendor when the dresses start coming down the runway, so make sure you know where and when to be so you've got a good seat and perfect timing. (Hint: ours is starting at 3pm)

  • PaulPaladin

    Come early and be ready to chat!

    There are a lot of vendors to see this Sunday at White's of Westport and you don't want to run out of time during the show and not get to them all. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to talk with everyone you still need to check off your list (doors open at 11a). Be ready to strike up the conversation with these vendors too. Everyone wants to help you have the best wedding day, so say hello and get that ball rolling!

  • George Doyle
    George Doyle

    See everyone at the show

    Don't skip a booth just because you don't think you need them. Prioritize so you see everyone you do need first, but make sure to at least stop by the other vendors too. You never know when things will change and their services will be exactly what your looking for!


    Bring a camera

    In case you don't have a photographic memory, you may want an actual camera (or camera phone) to help you keep everything straight. There will be lots of vendors to talk to, so capture the booth of the ones you really liked so you can remember them.These photos may help jog your memory later too, helping you remember a great idea talking with this vendor gave you or a part of their display you want to have at your wedding.

  • Image Source
    Image Source

    Bring your fiance

    Sure bridal shows say bride right in the name, but it's good to bring the groom along (It is his big day too after all). You should also try to stay together while making your way through. It could be difficult afterwards if you liked one vendor and he liked another...walking through as a pair helps to make decisions as a pair.

  • Photodisc

    Take notes

    Bring along a small notebook or at least a pen to mark business cards and stuff. Having notes about what you liked and didn't like about a vendor will save you time after the show when you're planning follow up calls.

  • Stockphoto4u

    Try not to make snap decisions

    Don't just walk away after a quick look...let each vendor talk with you a bit, give you info on what they have to offer and maybe even offer some bridal show discounts. The vendors will be talking to lots of brides and saying the same things over and over most likely, so give them a minute to try and sum up everything they've got going on for you. You may be surprised at who appeals to you.

  • gualbertobecerra

    Bring address labels

    Don't waste your time writing your name over and over again. Many vendors will have a mailing list you can sign up for or offers you can get registered for. If you're interested and want to sign up for as much as you can, be prepared with printed address labels, so you can slap them on and go!

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