Just when you shoveled out from the 14 inches of snow that fell Thursday, out come the reports that another 6-12 inches are on the way!  That won't stop you from going to Dunkin' Donuts, will it? Let's all keep some things in mind when the snow starts to fall again.

Don’t Ride My Bumper: Guess what? I just used wiper fluid to clear salt from my windshield only to learn that my wipers are 100% not working. My visibility just plummeted to zero and I’m ‘bout to hit my brakes RIGHTNOW. If you were riding my bumper, my car's rear-end is now part of your car's front end. ... and It's 100% your fault.

4 Wheel Drive Does NOT Mean 4-Wheel-STOP-All-the-Time: If you are lucky enough to be driving a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, great! But 4-wheel-drive doesn’t give you carte blanche to drive like you are the only thing on Rt. 6. Stick to the speed limit and don’t be overconfident in your vehicle’s ability to brake.

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Get A Ride If Your Car Sucks In The Snow: Maybe you are an essential worker and can’t stay home in any kind of weather, we get it.  But if you think driving your 2002 lowered Honda hatchback in a Nor’easter is a good idea, for the love of everyone- GET A RIDE.  You don't look as cool on the Ave when the Ave is covered in 10 inches of snow and all you can manage is spinning your tires through an entire green light. GO HOME.


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