If you've ever wondered how they cook all of the meats at the Brazilian Grill in Dartmouth, we brought our cameras into the kitchen to find out.

I was eating at the Brazilian Grill last night when I started to wonder how they cooked all of that meat that the restaurant serves up. The manager told us that they can serve anywhere between 250 and 300 pounds of meat every night at the restaurant. With 17 different cuts of meat to offer, that adds up to an awful lot of meat.

We went behind the scenes to check out the process. We found dozens of rotisserie skewers that were slow roasting all of the meats over a fire. The smell was absolutely incredible. We also got a look at how they prepared the signature roasted pineapple that the diners use to cleanse their palates in between meats. Check out the video above to see for yourself.

We also learned that October 12 is Kids Day in Brazil. Similar to the way we celebrate moms on Mother's Day and dads on Father's Day, people in Brazil celebrate children on October 12. In honor of the tradition, Brazilian Grill in Dartmouth has decided that all kids 12 and under will eat free for the entire month of October. Just bring your kids in, you can enjoy a hearty Brazilian Grill meal, and the kids will eat at no charge.

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