While there is nothing set in stone yet - either with an end date for construction or whether 50's Night will happen this year - here's what we know so far. 

It's been no secret that all the construction happening in Downtown New Bedford has been quite the nuisance for business owners and people who are trying to get to shops, restaurants, or other buildings off of Union Street. While the construction will certainly make Downtown as a whole lot easier to navigate, it's definitely a source of contention currently as it can make the roads or sidewalks impassable depending on where equipment is, where crews are working, etc.

One more thing that construction could affect this summer is 50's Night. Which makes us so sad because we love 50's Night here at the station. According to Joe Jesus, who organizes the event, he is going to wait and see what construction Downtown is like before he decides whether or not it's feasible to host the event in July. He told us that he's mostly worried about having lots of kids and older citizens Downtown with all the construction - he thinks it could be a safety concern. Joe says he probably won't make a decision until the end of June so he can make the best call for everyone involved.

This year would be the 29th Annual 50's Night.




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