We stumbled across this video from Horseneck Beach this past week of one man confronting another regarding an alleged attack on a seagull. The video doesn't show the alleged attack, but the person filming it says that prior to videotaping, he watched the person in question deliberately throw a rock at a seagull mid-flight, injure it, and continue without regard as the bird struggled on the ground.

*WARNING* Some of the language in the original post is NSFW.

Here is the video and story, as told by the person filming, Peter Amaral of Taunton.

Yesterday I went back to the beach. I was all by myself with the kite attached to my chair, kicking back with a book, enjoying my day. I decide to take a swim. I ride a few waves then start to head in. I see a younger guy on the beach in front of me throwing rocks. This piece of s*** throws a rock at a seagull in midair and hits it. the seagull cries out in obvious pain and crashes to the ground. the other seagulls all start squawking as the poor bastard rolls around then tries to fly but cannot because his left wing is broken and twisted around the opposite way. I immediately confront the kid and he denies it. I tell him I saw him and he points to his sister to corroborate his story then he takes off to go to his mom's blanket. Another guy tries to tend to the seagull in an attempt to fix his wing. The bird is freaking out and it appears broken and not just dislocated. I'm so pissed I consider banging this kid out right then and there but I am already up to my neck in problems and catching a case over a seagull didn't seem like the proper move. I grab my phone and head to the bathroom area to get a number to call as there were no lifeguards on duty. I call the Horseneck beach number and they say they'll send someone out. In the meantime the guy and his fam realize they need to GTFO so they are packing their sh** quickly. I take a pic of the kid and his mom goes wild. She says "you didn't just take a pic of my fkn kid did you?" I said I did and asked her if he told her what he had done. She say she don't give a s*** and starts to get close so I flick the camera to video. Worldstar! She says you "want me to shake in front of the camera for you?" Well.. That is where this video begins. I couldn't believe how disgusting people are. After the video I get some white knight p**** asking me if I have proof he hit the bird so I tell Matlock to STFU and some broad chimes in telling me how I'm wrong and there are millions of seagulls who cares so I tell the bitch there are millions of her. So I'm sitting back at my chair squeezing a lemon into my ice cold Pelligrino still shocked that I again am the a****e for defending a creature that is basically a flying rat, but to see it wounded knowing it meant certain death made me see red. I was losing faith in mankind yet again, until 10 minutes later a girl comes over to thank me for what I had done. Then another. Then another. I thought I was gonna get laid err... I mean it was refreshing to know others felt for the bird as well. The problem was that nobody else said a word. Not one man. They saw it but just let this evil occur. Other than that, it was a great beach day. What do you think?

No one else who witnessed the alleged incident has come forward at this time, however, that is not to say that the incident did not happen as is stated above.

DISCLAIMER: No one affiliated with Fun107/WBSM was at Horeseneck at this time and cannot confirm that it happened.

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