Kay Hooper fans will not be disappointed with her latest novel, Haunted. This book has everything readers have come to expect from a Hooper title. There are quirky characters who may or may not have realized their hidden abilities, a town called Sociable,Ga. with unknown origins to the crime, and a list full of suspects who have been connected with each other since high school.

Once the reader is introduced to the many unique people in the town of Sociable, you soon realize that many of them had means and motive to kill. However, the most recent character added to this novel is Braden, a "unique mix of breeds commonly recognized as a pit bull." Hooper describes him as "gleaming black [dog], medium-sized but muscled, stocky, and very alert and almost eerily intelligent brown eyes." (73)

During the course of Haunted, Braden protects as well as guides Trinity, the sheriff of Sociable, to several dead bodies which relate to two mysterious deaths. Most readers will be able to relate to Braden's intuitive sense of being in sinc with his master and her feelings. Kay Hooper incorporates Braden into the story very subtly yet he becomes a quiet protective force the reader counts on until the very end.

Here, Hooper fans are once again taken along with the Special Crimes Unit to find a killer before deadly consequences befall everyone involved. Fans are sure to love Haunted just as much as Kay Hooper's other novels in this series.