Power Play
How many of us know or work with someone who has a thirst for power and doesn't hesitate to exert it over others? A few names come to my mind.  As Lord Acton once said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely." Catherine Coulter's late…
Heather Graham's latest novel, The Hexed, is a fast-paced suspense novel set in Salem, Mass. that contains elements of mystery, paranormal and romance. Throughout the story, the reader is taken into a surreal world only Graham could weave.
The City
Some people believe that you can tell a lot about a person by their name. In Dean Koontz's latest novel, The City, this is particularly true.
One Kick
If you were abducted as a child, how would you rebuild your life? Would you live in constant fear or take charge? In Chelsea Cain's latest novel, One Kick, one young woman must make just such a decision.
Breaking Night
For the thousands of children in the world who grew up in a dysfunctional home, Liz Murray's Breaking Night is an emotional tour de force.
Kay Hooper's "Haunted"
Kay Hooper fans will not be disappointed with her latest novel, Haunted. This book has everything readers have come to expect from a Hooper title. There are quirky characters who may or may not have realized their hidden abilities, a town called Sociable,Ga. with unknown origins …
Mean Streak
Sandra Brown isn't hailed as the best romantic suspense writer for nothing! In her latest novel, "Mean Streak", I couldn't tell who was friend or foe. And when I thought that I knew who the potential killer was, I was proved wrong time and time again...
The Silver Star
Jeannette Walls' novel, The Silver Star, captures the essence of a child's understanding of his or her surroundings and marries that comprehension with hope.

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