You'd think with all of their money, they'd be a little bit more generous, right?  I'm talking about celebrities, but unfortunately, some of them are pretty stingy when it comes to tipping!

The website came out with a list of the 10 worst celebrity tippers, and here they are:

10. Katherine Heigl- She has a reputation for being very demanding and one of the most difficult celebrities to work with, so this really isn't very surprising.

9.  Sean Penn- Notorious for leaving bad tips or even no tip at all!

8.  Britney Spears- It's been reported that she once left a $26 dollar tip on a $500 bill.  A good tip is supposedly 20%, well she's only a quarter of the way there with her measly 5% tip.

7.  Kirsten Dunst-  Word has it that she has repeatedly left no tip at all, and she was also whiny and difficult.  Well that's no fun!

6.  Usher- While he doesn't leave a monetary least he leaves something, an autographed photo of himself!  He's also known for trying to get others to foot the bill instead...come on man!

5.  Rachael Ray-  She is known for being a bad tipper, as she regularly tips 10% or less.  Also, she has promoted on her show that tipped 7% was OK.  Random and cheap...

4.  Bill Cosby- He reportedly left a $3 tip on a $350 bill.  That's not even 1%!!!

3.  Jeremy Piven- He once brought a group of peeps to a crowded restaurant in Aspen, without a reservation, and left a DVD of Season 1 'Entourage' as the tip!  Lame!!

2.  Madonna-  It's no secret the woman is worth a ton of money...but, she doesn't like to share it!  She's known for being a terrible tipper and also for being rude to waitstaff.  No good Madonna, no good.

1.  Tiger Woods- Ugh.  As if we needed another reason to not be a fan of this cheater...well, here's another, he's known for being a bad tipper.  His excuse?  He doesn't carry cash.  Well, Tiger, that's why they have that little line on the credit card slip.