If anybody has been looking at the ads for the upcoming Kevin Hart flick The Wedding Ringer, in which Hart plays the owner of a best man-for-hire business, and have been thinking that sounds ridiculous what I'm about to share with you may blow your mind.   

According to ABC news, the movie is much more realistic than you might have thought. Apparently a woman named Jen Glantz has her own lucrative business as a bridesmaid-for-hire.

Glantz started offering her services after being involved in many weddings and seeing all that goes into producing the best time for each bride.

Glantz' business, which began on craigslist.org, is now mainstream and something that many brides are interested in.

Prices for her services range depending on what role Glantz assumes in the specific bride's party. For $199 she can be a virtual bridesmaid and starting at around $1100 she could be a bride's go-to girl.

If this is getting you excited but you're worried Glantz may not be available because of a booming business, don't fear. As you read this post, Glantz is training multiple employees to be the bridesmaid she is.

With Fun 107's Bridal Show just over a week away, it's a perfect time to check out Glantz' site, sign up for a consultation and get tickets for everyone in your party to enjoy the festivities at White's of Westport on Sunday, January 25.