Nymeria the husky gave her family a bit of a scare early Thursday morning.

She jumped out of a second-story window at home and jumped down off the roof. They didn't know that she had escaped until Shayne Medeiros of New Bedford returned to his home after dropping off his wife at work in Dartmouth.

"I was panicking! I have eight children, so everyone was very scared. We called New Bedford Animal Control and posted online that she was missing. We started getting calls about her being seen on 195. I was running up and down the highway, all the way to Dartmouth." - Shayne Medeiros

The public was quick to report sightings of the pup on I-195, and it was worth noting she had a police escort. Massachusetts State Police seemed to be following her, protecting her from cars driving down the highway.

Medeiros heard she was seen near the office park on Faunce Corner Road, so they called Dartmouth Animal Control. Thankfully, they were able to catch her and meet them there.

"The crazy thing is, I take that same route to drop my wife off at work. I've taken Nymeara with me once before. It's almost like she was going to see my wife!" - Shayne Medeiros

Dartmouth Animal Control posted a photo and said: "Nymeria, the highway husky has been reunited with her owners. She surely gave us and the State Police a run for her money this morning on 195."

DAC believes the dog traveled over four miles during her adventure this morning.

"Thank you to everyone for your help and support in bringing Nymeria home safe and unharmed. I would especially like to thank the Massachusetts State Police for keeping her safe on the highway and Dartmouth Animal Control for contacting me so quickly. My family and I thank you all and are truly grateful." - Shayne Medeiros

Shayne Medeiros via Facebook
Shayne Medeiros via Facebook

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