The state's Department of Education has released the latest data on graduation and dropout rates across Massachusetts.

Some great news for New Bedford High School.  According to new data from the Department of Education, the graduation rate has soared to's highest point in the past 10 years.  It's possible that the peak may even date back further, as the state only began keeping track of the statistic in 2007.

The data show that the growth resides in both English Language Learners (students that use English as a second language) and students with disabilities.

English Language Learners soared from a 35.5% graduation rate to a 60.6% graduation rate.  The school also saw significant progress with students with disabilities...with their graduation rate jumping from 32% to 50.5% at NBHS.

There was also good news with New Bedford High's dropout rate.  It is on the decline, according to the new numbers.  The four-year dropout rate is down to 12%...roughly one third of the dropout rate number that the high school was seeing three years ago.

“New Bedford High School educators continue to focus on every student’s potential and ability to succeed, and that is evident in the graduation rate for 2016.  Students across the spectrum – whether they are English Language Learners, students with disabilities, high needs or low income students, white or Latino – are graduating at a higher rate in New Bedford than in the last 10 years.  This is the direct result of the pathways and programs that have been put in place, and more importantly the hard work of educators who believe in our students, and who work with them to accomplish all that they can.  New Bedford High School must and will continue to improve, as our students and teachers have proved is possible.”

                                           ---New Bedford Supt. Pia Durkin


The City of New Bedford
The City of New Bedford


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