I'm sure saying this will come with a lot of hate mail, but I'm just being honest. My rooting interests will be elsewhere this season.

It's borderline illegal to turn on Tom, Bill and Gronk here in New England, but I'm doing it. Obviously if they win it all, I'll be more than happy about it, but I'm just not stressing over it. I also have a feeling they're becoming a kind of unlikeable team.

Think back to the "chicken and beer" Red Sox. Yeah, we still wanted them to win the World Series,  but did we totally love that team? Nope. There were just a lot of bad vibes around that team and it was obvious. That's why we saw Terry Francona get bounced that year.

I think that time is coming for the Patriots now. I think the Kraft-Belichick-Brady relationship isn't all hunky dory. I mean, why should it be? They've been working together for years, and I'm sure there have been a number of differences within that time (*cough* Garoppolo *cough*).

Gronk seems to be over it with Bill. The entire Gronkowski family hasn't had the best relationship with Patriots leadership going back to some of Gronk's injury treatments and assessments.

Bill seems to be losing a little in the locker room with all the rumors that have been leaking out regarding Malcolm Butler. Whether you believe those rumors or not, usually that never happens at Gillette Stadium. They're all typically tight-lipped and together.

All of that kind of spells an unlikeable team and/or situation brewing for this coming year.

On top of that, I genuinely was and still am a big Jimmy Garoppolo fan. I think the kid can be something special and I'm really looking forward to see what he's got for a full season. I REALLY wanted to see him take over for Tommy Boy, but now we'll never get that.

Oh, and let's not ignore the fact that the Patriots' success makes the regular season virtually pointless. I'm kind of tired of watching them roll all over everyone and just wait for the Super Bowl to see what happens. I want to root for an underdog this year!

All of those reasons are why this year. I'm a San Francisco 49ers fan.

It would be cool to see an old historic team rise back up to prominence in the NFL.

Hate me if you want, but I'm all in for the Niners this season. Maybe we'll both win and get a 49ers vs. Patriots Super Bowl.


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