On Friday, the state found E.Coli in the water supply at Horseneck Beach but it might not completely destroy your beach day. 

According to a press release, E.Coli was found in the water supply of Horseneck Beach in Westport. The testing was done as part of a routine quality check and it does not affect beach or ocean use.

The E.Coli was found in the water used to supply bathrooms, sinks, water fountains and rinse spots. The state has issued a "do not use" order and all water to those facilities has been turned off. Which basically means you just won't be able to rinse the sand off or drink from the fountains. Officials from Horseneck are looking into the possibility of bringing in water from outside sources to use until the 'Do Not Use' order is lifted.

If you still plan to hit the sand this week, maybe bring an extra gallon jug of water to rinse off feet and bathing suits before you get in the car and make sure you bring plenty for hydration.

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