If you and your kids love the outdoors and also love to read and you're looking for something completely different, you'll love this.

If you're a parent of elementary school-age kids and feel like you are completely running out of things to do with them, this cool little hike that also involves storytelling is sure to move you right into "cool mom and cool dad" status pretty fast.

And just when you finish one hike with a story here on the SouthCoast, another hike and story are not far behind.

Make sure you are following the Buzzards Bay Coalition on both Facebook and Instagram. They are constantly posting new Storytelling Kids Hikes practically every day.

By the way, the Buzzards Bay Coalition is famous for its efforts to improve New Bedford Harbor and Nantucket Sound ocean waters and have been hugely successful with this life-long feat. They're a wonderful organization that Fun 107 has been proud to partner with over the past few decades.

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