There are two types of people on the SouthCoast: people who enjoy the relatively new feature of being able to watch entertainment, cooking tips, and commercials on the little monitors on the gas pumps, and those who aren't in search of additional screen time in their lives.

I respect both camps. Personally, I enjoy watching the little tidbits of information or the Top 5 NFL highlights of the week while I'm pumping my gas. Heck, sometimes I don't even mind watching the Subway commercials that always seem to be on at the gas station I usually go to.

Although I understand everybody isn't like me. My wife was complaining a few weeks ago about how much she loathes the tv "barking" at her. "I can't even get a moment of peace at the gas station," she said.  She was joking around, but she really isn't a fan of the new technology.

If you agree with her, I'm here to share an awesome life hack that just might make your next gas station visit more enjoyable.

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When you put in your card to start up the gas pump, that is usually when the monitor kicks on. If you would rather pump your gas without the added input from Maria Menounos about frozen vegetables, there is an option.

Simply hit the second button down on the right hand side of the monitor.  It will instantly put the video on mute and allow you to go on with your day without the gas pump TV. I've tried this out on a few different SouthCoast gas stations, and it has worked every time.

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