One of Acushnet's most recognizable landmarks went through some significant changes this week.

Parting Ways gas station has been a fixture in the Acushnet community for decades.  It had that old timey feel.  The bell would ring when you pulled into the station to alert the attendant that someone was there.  It was one of the last remaining fairly affordable full service stations on the SouthCoast.

"It's the only place I know of that doesn't charge to get air for your tires," Gazelle pointed out today.  "I'd drive there from miles away to take advantage of that!"

Many drivers were shocked this week to pass the Parting Ways gas station and see it completely revamped into a Shell gas station.  While new ownership tells us the process of the turnover began back in June, the signage installation began on Monday and wrapped up Wednesday.

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Khurram Ahmad shared with us why he decided to flip from the mom and pop Parting Ways station to Shell.  "The Shell gas station will have more opportunities.  It's a better image.  If you are branding, Shell is a bigger name.  It's the biggest (gas station brand) name in New England, and the quality of the product is number one."

Ahmad says making the switch to Shell had nothing to do with the new Mobil station that was built up the street.  He said when he bought Parting Ways last November, he did not know that the new Mobil Station was coming.  "I was not scared of it.  I wanted to bring something better to serve the people of Acushnet.  We looked around, and we couldn't find any Shell stations in the neighborhood."

In addition to the new signage, customers can expect to see new pumps.  "We will remain a full service station," says Ahmad.  "It's one of the things that makes us different."  Ahmad added that Stop and Shop gas points will be able to be redeemed at his Shell station.

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