A popular Rhode Island ice cream brand has decided to poke fun at the Washington Bridge fiasco because laughing at it is better than crying about it.

Warwick Ice Cream has been slinging delicious ice cream for 94 years and its owner, Thomas Bucci, couldn’t resist creating a new flavor inspired by the biggest topic of conversation in the Ocean State.

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A Sweet Twist on a Sour Commute

“For all of us who travel on the bridge, it’s been a little painful,” said Bucci. “We love Rhode Island, but trying to get over the bridge to service our customers hasn’t been easy. For us, we wanted to have some fun with it. Let’s come out with a flavor and make people smile and laugh a little bit.”

Warwick Ice Cream
Warwick Ice Cream

“Crumbling Bridge is Falling Down” is a delicious combination of vanilla ice cream, black tar fudge, crumbled cookie pavement, brownie cement, and crumbled peanut butter rebar.

Only ice cream could make a crumbling bridge sound enticing.

The Legacy Behind Warwick Ice Cream

Originally Warwick Milk, the brand was founded by Charlie Bucci in 1930. By 1932, Charlie and his sons started a storefront serving ice cream, and was a full-service ice cream parlor and restaurant operation by 1940.

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By the 60s, their focus was fully on ice cream, and Warwick Ice Cream has been a staple for high-quality, mouth-watering ice cream in Rhode Island and the SouthCoast ever since.

Thomas Bucci is the fourth-generation owner of the establishment and takes immense pride in bringing a sweet treat to the state.

“I’m just honored to be the fourth generation leading our family’s business, and I don’t take that for granted,” he said.

Crumbling Bridge is Falling Down will be available until the Washington Bridge is completed. The new flavor is on shelves now, find out where online.

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