You can admit it, you have also partaken in ordering some sangria or even the cocktail mixes from your favorite spot "to go" to try and recreate them at home.

While we are currently waiting for a bill to pass in the state Senate to allow restaurants in Massachusetts to actually sell the cocktails to go with the alcohol in them instead of just the mix, I'd like to be the first to say that I'd like this "cocktail mix to go" to never end, even when restaurants can re-open fully.

I'm not going to lie, I like a heavy pour so being able to add as much of the good stuff as I like is an advantage to adding the most important ingredient myself.

Think about it: it's beneficial for all involved. If I order my favorite cocktail mix or sangria to go, they can upcharge me their usual price like I was at the bar. On the flip side, I don't have to go and buy all the stuff to make the cocktail at home, figure out if I'm mixing the right portion of each ingredient, and then feel pressured to drink more because I opened everything already.

So whether or not the bill passes, I sincerely hope that we can keep this going. My fingers are crossed.

Have you gotten a sangria or cocktail mix to go?

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