Imagine opening a gift on Christmas, looking at it, and not knowing what it even is. Well, that’s exactly what happened to me this year after opening a present from my dad, and it was awkward.

I’m hoping someone can tell me what this is because my fiancé, Ross, and I have no clue.

After a few negative COVID-19 test results and a couple of days of quarantining, I was able to plan a wonderful Christmas where I could see my parents safely, but for the sake of this weird gift, let’s focus on my dad.

Typically, I love giving gifts. I love watching a person’s face as they realize what the gift is and are seemingly shocked that I remembered what they actually wanted. So I did my best to not give a weird look when I opened this up from good ol' Dad.

This odd piece of cloth came with an oven mitt and potholders, and after holding it up in wonder, I had to ask him what it was.

Here’s the funny part: he didn’t know either.

“Your REAL gift hasn’t arrived yet,” he explained, “So I figured I would give you something for your kitchen.” A kind gesture, absolutely, but what is this “something”? How do I use it? What do I use it for? It currently resides in the drawer that’s jam-packed with dish towels and burned potholders.

My “real” gift has since arrived and it was an extremely thoughtful one, but I can’t stop thinking about this strangely-shaped cloth.

Do you know what this is called?

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