Today we honor the Cheese Doodle and the orange fingertips that go with it!

If you've been living under a rock you're entire life then you know the gift and the curse of the cheese doodle. On one hand you get a delightful tasty snack to get you through the ups and downs of life. On the other hand, you're now covered in orange.

There are many brands of Cheese Doodle. There's the "Cheez Doodle," from Wise Foods and the "Cheeto" from Frito-Lay. No matter your preference, if you're doing the diving into a delectable doodle you're having a good day.

he snack debuted several years after Frito-Lay's snack in the 1950s and remains one of the strongest products produced by Wise Foods.

So celebrate the day by digging into a bag of doodles today!


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