It's that time again..Get the charcoal, propane and accessories ready! Time for the grill. Yep, you really cant get any more American than that. Here is my Top 5 list for grilling. Enjoy.


Hamburgers-  There’s nothing that says American Summer more than grilling burgers. It takes some practice and a little bit of preparation to produce that winning hamburger. Get the right meat, and that means skipping on the lean stuff, especially for guests.  The next step is to cook the meat fast over a hot fire.  If you cook them too long, you'll have dry hamburgers and unhappy guests.

Steaks-  Enjoy a high quality steak at home!  They are easy to prepare and make.  The first step is to pick the right cut,  totally up to your preference.  I go with the Ribeye always. Try filet, ribeye, strip, T-Bone/Porterhouse or sirloin. Don't put them in the freezer!!  Make sure to preheat the grill, apply any rub or marinades, throw the room temperature steak on the grill.

Fish-   Marinate in a ziplock bag for an about an hour in the fridge, and then throw it on the grill.  Make sure the grill is greased because fish sticks easily.  You can tell when the fish is cooked when the meat flakes off easily. Another trick to cook fish is to wrap it in foil or bakers parchment paper.  A little white wine, salt, pepper, lemon juice agoes a long way and feel free to toss in some broccoli or other favorite veggies.  Wrap it up and then put it over the grill for about 20 minutes. Brilliant.

Scallops- Steaks and scallops are perfect for a surf and turf meal. Living in New England, I've become quite fond of the grilled scallop. Remember to oil the grill and the scallops before grilling, it makes life so much easier. Also, use direct heat, for that seared grill flavor.

Corn- Cant have the Top 5 without some delicious and healthy vegetables or starch.  Corn is perfect because the flavor really comes out when you grill it. They turn crispy outside and soft on the inside of the kernel.  Marinade in butter or even some oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper. Then get a big piece of foil on the grill throw'em on. Open up the foil and cook for another 10-15 minutes and you will get some  fantastic delicious ears of corn.

Enjoy and use these tips all Summer and impress your family and guests



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