What kind of power can you wield if you're a governor? For starters, you can get Market Basket to make some changes.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is not alone. I'll admit, I've often thought about how annoying it is that Market Basket always has its deli workers fold their deli meat bags in half, then place the price sticker over the zip lock opening. It makes it impossible to remove the sticker and open the package without completely destroying the bag.

Market Basket is not alone. I see this practice in Stop and Shop and Shaw's as well.  For the life of me, I can't figure out why they do this.

Kevin wasn't the only politician that was annoyed by the bags. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu agreed. This got Market Basket's attention, and they were quick to respond, assuring these loyal customers they would speak to the deli department.

It didn't take long for the two men to see the results of their lobbying. They later took to social media once again to show that their voices were heard.

I am a fan of the proposed change. However, we checked at the New Bedford Market Basket this morning, and the stickers were still being placed over the zip lock.

Of course, the Twitter world thoroughly enjoyed ribbing on the politicians for getting involved in the deli meat scandal.

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